Dog Is Completely Against Adopting a Low-Fat Diet!


Many people are doing all they can these days to lower their fat intake and watch what they eat. Some of us are also attempting to get our dogs in better shape by choosing lower fat foods for them to enjoy. Unfortunately, this dog is not getting with the program and is downright hostile towards his offering of low-fat lamb jerky! Not only is he offended by the treat, he is angry enough that he growls at the offensive jerky!

This video is truly adorable to watch and may remind you of yourself when you have attempted to eat healthy treats in the past. It is clear this dog is not interested in eating healthier! You will love his antics as his owner continuously tries to get him to take a bite of the treat. This pup wants to remain pleasantly plump! If this video makes you laugh, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy.