This Dog Couldn’t Walk Any Longer, So He Made An Urgent Request. LOL!


Animals can use what they know to let you know what they need. Cats for example, when they need to eat will either meow out loud. If they notice that you are not responding or simply not paying attention to their cries, they will start to butt you with their head. So if you are the owner, you will know that your cat is really hungry. A dog on the other hand will cry out with a painful cry if it is locked somewhere or if you are together, it will just stick around waiting for you to get something to eat.

It then gets really close , close enough for you to notice that it has not had something to eat either and you need to give it food. In the video below, it is not about food that the dog is trying to get the owner’s attention for; it is the fact that is feels tired after walking for a while. It seems that the two have now been used to this since the owner knows exactly what to do. It is a moment you can’t miss.

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