A Dog Demonstrates that She Has a Bond With Her Owner That Has Outlasted His Death


Many people still underestimate the extent to which dogs can value their owners and care about them long after they have died. The dog in this video demonstrates what a lot of people do already know to be true: that dogs can mourn just like humans, and they can develop bonds with humans that can last for a long time. This dog’s owner was killed by a drunk driver months ago, and she still waits for him to come home.

Viewers are first introduced to the story with some background about the deceased owner’s relatives and line of work. The dog seems to miss him just as much as they do, even if she has a different way of expressing it. They seem to find the situation as touching as the audience probably will. People on Facebook will really be able to relate to this video if they have dogs, and they will appreciate it that much more on that basis.