Dog Gets Ditched By Her Family Because She Is Not Happy Enough!


This video will touch every person who is an animal lover! The dog in this video thought her owners were returning to the shelter to pick her up. She was so excited but it turns out they were simply there to get another dog. They thought Zuzu was too depressed and wanted a happier, younger dog. When the video showing Zuzu’s reaction to her family went viral, a couple said they knew they had to do something!

Thankfully, this sweet dog has found a home and owners that absolutely love her! Can you imagine how this dog must have felt as her owners kept walking by and never took her home? Zuzu deserved to be treated much better than that! As you will see in the video, this dog does not seem in the slightest bit depressed so it must have been her owners causing the problem! Enjoy the video and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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