Dog Gives Birth to Large Litter and Her Mate Comforts Her While She Is In Pain


This sweet video shows a dog couple who obviously care very much for one another. It appears from the video, this new mom has just given birth to quite a few beautiful little pups. Her belly is still extended and she appears to be miserable. As her babies suckle, she cries in pain but her mate gives her sweet kisses and does his best to make her feel better.

It is amazing to see animals in action! They sometimes seem to have more compassion than humans. This male dog clearly loves his female and is always by her side. Humans could learn a lot about how to treat others if they would simply watch dogs in action. Although his kisses do not take away her pain, the comfort of his presence makes her feel more at ease. If you think this video is amazing, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can view it.

Mark Twenty