Dog Hates The Way His Owner Sings Christmas Songs!


Norman is a Bullmastiff who absolutely hates Christmas songs, or at least the way his owner sings them. As his owner sings “Twelve Days Of Christmas” the dog can barely take it! He whines, growls, and tries to paw the face of his owner to get him to stop singing. It is so funny to see these two together. The more his owner sings the more Norman protests. Maybe his owner should have named him Scrooge instead of Norman!

It is clear Norman wants no part of Christmas music, especially when his owner is the one performing. He just wants to close his eyes and pretend Christmas is over as soon as possible. You will love watching Norman create quite a fuss over having to hear his owner sing every single verse. This poor dog is faking being in agony and you will love it! Enjoy the video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.

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