Dog Instinctively Knows She Is Needed By Special Needs Boy


This story is so touching, you may want to have a few tissues ready, just in case! This video is hosted by Melissa Ethridge and discusses a boy and the dog who knew he needed her. Danny is a little boy who was adopted by a loving family. He was delayed in every way and could not speak in full sentences. One day, his neighbor brought a dog home, one she was meant to train as a search and rescue dog. The dog got loose from her yard and went directly to Danny’s door as if she belonged with him.

As the video progresses, it is clear to see Saki makes a huge difference in Danny’s life. Soon, he is speaking in sentences and even potty trained. This is a story you simply need to watch so you can smile. The gift this sweet dog gave this little boy and his family is remarkable! If this video touches your heart, Please SHARE on Facebook.