Dog Kept Owner Alive In The Snow For Twenty Hours After A Fall!


This video features the shocking news story of Kelsey and her owner Bob. When Bob went outside to get a log for his fire, he slipped and fell, breaking his neck in the fall. He laid in the snow for twenty hours, calling out for help. The only one who heard him was his faithful dog, Kelsey. Kelsey laid on top of Bob the entire time, barking and trying to get help for him. Thankfully, the next day, a neighbor heard the barks and came to help.

Bob is now recovering from his broken neck and says he owes his life to his dog. Had she not taken care of him, he could have easily died! Thankfully, Bob should be able to fully recover but he could have been much worse off. This video just goes to show dogs truly are man’s best friend! After watching, be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.