This Dog Never MissesIn The Courtroom. See How He Reacts When Someone Comes Close…


With the help of therapy animals, people have been able to cope up with the different difficulties they face line life. Whether these animals are dogs, horses or cats, those they work with are seeing the big difference.

In one farm within Boston, there are therapy horses who are helping military veterans get used to civilian life. I believe you have also heard about autism victims are being taken care of by therapy dogs.

With the kind of training that the therapy animals are given, they are able to sense when it is necessary to give the much needed care. A therapy dog named Karl is out on a very vital mission. Children who have been abused can be helped by Karl. Whether the abuse was emotionally or physically done, the situation can be quite fragile since the child will still have to face the abuser in court – an experience which can be so terrifying.

Karl never leaves the kids’ side. By touching and sitting with them, they find the needed conform. They can pet his head, rub his fur, hold his leash – they can do anything as far as they feel calm. Karl is so happy with his role and his smile in the clip below can testify all that.

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