A tourist visiting Romania continued to see a stray dog ​​on the street while in the small tourist town. He knew how to contact Howl Of A Dog, and rescuers came to help him. Locals told them the dog had lived in this neighborhood for years.

Rescuers called her Helen and pulled her from the streets where she was denied medical attention and trapped in the endangered elements of cars and other animals. They made the two-hour journey to the vet clinic where they did some tests and found he had been homeless for at least 6 years.

Helen was diagnosed with a tick-borne disease called Anaplasmosis. But with a lot of love and care in this new chapter of her life, she overcame all obstacles in the care of Howl Of A Dog. And according to an update on her YouTube page, Helen has been adopted into her loving home forever! No one deserves it more than she does.

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