A Dog Rescues a Kitten and Literally Nurses Her Back to Health


Stories about animals saving humans are always heartwarming. Stories about animals saving other animals can be just as heartwarming to hear about, and this particular story is especially touching. The little dog in this video saved a kitten from a ravine. However, the dog’s heroism went even further than that. In this video, viewers will see the two of them cuddling, and the dog is literally allowing the kitten to nurse. People who didn’t know any better would say that the mother dog adopted the kitten for herself in a sort of inter-species familial structure.

Viewers will get to hear about the full story in this video, and they will get to see plenty of clips of the mother dog and kitten pair. The reporters are all touched by the story. Enthusiastic viewers should please SHARE this video on Facebook as well, since plenty of other people would probably find this video adorable themselves.