Dog Saves A Woman By Alerting Her The House Is On Fire


The dog in this video is an amazing hero! Patch is a dog that deserves a medal because he saved the life of his owner and led her out of a burning home. She was in the bath relaxing when the dog burst in and grabbed her by the wrist. When she saw the outside of the bathroom was engulfed in flames, the dog helped her crawl to safety. You do not want to miss a moment of this amazing story!

What is truly sad about the story is they were planning on getting rid of Patch because he was too big for their house. Thankfully, they decided to wait a couple of days before making the final decision and Patch was there to save the woman’s life. Once they realized what he had truly done for the family, they could not bear to part with him and were able to keep him once they got a larger home. Watch the video and Please SHARE on Facebook.