A Dog Who Would Have Been a Service Dog Becomes A Star For Charity Instead


Many dogs have found success as service animals, but not all dogs can be forced into that mode. The dog in this video was in training to be a service dog for the blind, but her enthusiasm for athletic activities would have been a liability in that field. Instead, she was trained to be a surfer dog who could entertain people with her surfing skills. She has since participated in a lot of charity shows that are all about raising money for worthy causes.

She even managed to surf with a quadriplegic, raising a huge amount of money for related causes in the process. This video manages to demonstrate the importance of helping all beings, including dogs, find their own niche in the world.

It also helps demonstrate that there are plenty of different ways to give back to one’s community and help society. People should please SHARE this inspiring video on Facebook.

Surf Dog Ricochet