A Dog That Was Stolen From Her Owner is Brought Back to Her Owner in a Passionate Reunion


Dogs and their owners can develop very powerful attachments, which this video makes abundantly clear. The video shows the reunion between a loving dog owner and his young dog Mary Jane. The video is not scripted or edited at all, and it just depicts a man getting reunited with his dog after a long separation. However, the two of them reunite with one another so energetically and so passionately that one would think that they’d been separated for seven years instead of seven months.

Mary Jane won’t stop licking her owner’s face and jumping all over him. He won’t stop hugging her. Viewers don’t need to know anything else about these two in order to see what a strong bond that they have. People should please SHARE┬áthis video on Facebook, since it manages to demonstrate the power of love and affection that can exist between a human and a non-human, and it is adorable to watch.

Mary Mootispaw