This Dog Surprised Everyone When She Beat The Odds To See Her Friend Rescued!


Though we have come across many stories where humans have been rescued by dogs, it is rare to hear a dog rescuing another dog in a desperate situation. That is what is happening in the clip below.

On this day, Officer Chris Bisceglia was approached by one Scottish terrier which couldn’t stop barking. Jacques is the name of the dog. The dog repeatedly approached the officer and kept on running towards a certain direction. That is when the officer understood that the dog wanted to be followed.

After the officer followed Jacques, the discovery he made was shocking. Jacques’s friend called Annabella was stuck in ice. Biscegia acted fast and in a short while the stuck Scottish terrier was rescued from the freezing surrounding. She was taken to the vet who confirmed that that all was fine with the pup.

The two dogs have an owner but during that time some medical complication had kept him away.

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