Dog Thwarts Rescuers As He Runs Down Busy Interstate


Birdie is a dog who loves adventure and does not shy away from danger. Unfortunately, this almost cost him his life as he was seen running back and forth on a crowded Interstate. In this video, you will see the scene unfold where the dog catchers were attempting to catch him. For days, he kept running away but finally gave in when offered a treat and was caught and returned to his owner.

Thankfully, this sweet dog was not harmed, though he certainly could have been in the high traffic area. You will be amazed when you see this video and realize how close Birdie came to being harmed while dodging speeding traffic. Now, this guy is back with his loving owner,

who could not be happier. For once, the outcome of the story was a happy one! Enjoy this touching video and Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy it too.