Dog Went Missing 2 Years Ago, Then An Unbelievable Miracle Happens When He Shows Up!


Titan, a dog belonging to the Chastain family went missing from the backyard. That happened two years ago and since they had been with the dog since it was a puppy, the loss was a painful one.

With the aim of finding the lost dog, mom Angelina became a member of several online groups that work towards assisting owners find their lost dogs. Unfortunately, Titan was nowhere to be seen and the family was about to lose hope of ever seeing Titan again.

That was the case until two years later when Chastain’s sick daughter who was online made an unbelievable discovery. She saw Titan’s photo from her hospital bed while using her phone. After comparing the photos with the ones they already had, they were certain they had found their lost pup.

Plans to reunite with Titan were made and the reunion was the best thing you can ever see. Despite being away for so long, both parties felt that special connection and all that can be witnessed in the touching clip below.

It seems that the reunion was a blessing in disguise because since then, the health of Chastain’s daughter has miraculously improved.

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