Dogs become Attention Seekers Like Cats: The Funny Take!


If you thought cats were the only attention-craving pets, it’s time to update yourselves! The desperation in these pups to get more attention will surprise you like anything.

Do you find puppies to be cute? Well this video takes their cuteness to a whole new level! Watch as these fluffy and furry puppies fight each other for being in front of the camera. Almost as though they understand that the camera records and shows their faces to the world, they fight being right in front of the camera and in that process almost playfully bite, kick and push each other.

The owner of these puppies has to be one of the luckiest guys around to have such a bunch of adorable pups to play with. Can you guess the breed of these pups? Well, they have to be one of the cutest pets you can own!

This is how pets get closer to each other and over time become great friends or brothers when they grow old!

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