These Dogs Have A Blast Bale Jumping At Dawn!


This video is so full of energy, it is sure to start your day off right! The dogs in this video are having a blast on the farm and the day has barely just begun. As they jump from bale to bale, it will make you laugh out loud. It appears they are having so much fun together and you will wish you were there to see them in person.

As you watch the jump from bale to bale in this video, you can tell they are having a blast and it shows all over their adorable faces. As the sun rises a little higher in the sky, they are already getting started on the fun and refuse to give it up, even though there is work to be done. Lochie and Archie are brothers and their owner says they love chasing one another across the hay bales each morning. Check them out and be sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.