Dogs Once Being Farmed For Their Meat are Now Being Saved for the Holidays


As you watch this video, you need to be warned that it is heartbreaking! As the Humane Society visits Korea, they have met with a dog meat farmer who has agreed to let them take the twenty-five dogs he has in captivity and will be closing up his farm for good. The rescuers feel this is a moment to celebrate but still mourn because there are so many dogs still suffering.

This video showcases the rescue of twenty-five dogs ranging in size and breed. They were kept in tiny cages, barely receiving food and water and never being given the love and devotion they deserve. The Humane Society produced this video to show how these animals are being treated to raise awareness. Through their efforts, these dogs will soon have loving homes in the United States so the memories of their past home will become forgotten. This video needs to be seen by everyone! Please SHARE on Facebook to spread the word.