A Dog’s Halloween Costume Makes It Look Like He Has a Head On His Backside


People love dressing up their dogs for Halloween, helping their dogs join in the fun in some way. The dog in this video has the sort of costume that almost makes for an optical illusion at first. The video zooms in on his backside.

He’s wearing a wig roughly over his hips and he’s wearing a set of glasses and some representative eyes under the wig. As such, he looks like he has a human face in that area, with his short wagging tail acting as a makeshift nose.

The video zooms in on the costumed portion of his body at first, so it looks like a face with a wagging nose. The video slowly zooms out so people can get to see the dog’s face too, getting a better sense of what this would look like in person. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it is entertaining and delightfully absurd.

Cheryl Levenbrown

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