Dogs Race? Or Just Swim?


Dog shows can be a worldwide phenomenon. Each year, thousands of well-to-do dog owners take to these prestigious events to show off their pure bred champions. But what about the other dogs? They need competitions too.
This is where the Dachshund Water Race comes in. Several neighbors got together and thought of a great way to show off their love of the furry friends. They set up a race to let their dogs show who is best atop the track: a swimming pool.
As the dogs are introduced, you can hear laughter coming from all directions. The look of each dog owner shows joy and amusement as well. After the long introductions, the dogs are place in the water. And they showed who was the best. Although some of them looked as though they couldn’t be bothered to go about the race, others showcased their inner thrill of competition.
As for who won the race? Who came in last? Well, you’ll have to see the video for yourself. Bear in mind, not all dogs want to be the best. Some just want a pleasant stroll in the pool.