Dogs React To Having Their Beds Stolen By Their Mortal Enemies – Cats! Cuteness Alert!


This video shows just how mischievous cats can be. They are who they are and are very unapologetic about it! These cats could care less that they are stealing a dog’s bed. They want comfort, even if it means good ole Fido has to struggle to find sleeping comfort. When you see this video, you are going to laugh out loud at the funny reactions these pooches have when they find their mortal enemies have stolen their beds.

One cat in the video is stretched out on a huge dog bed with plenty of room left for the dog but he refuses to budge. Seeing some of these dogs struggling to fit into tiny cat beds after the cat stole their’s is priceless. Your cute meter is gonna go through the roof with this video so make sure you watch it all the way to the end. Please SHARE on Facebook for others to enjoy.