Dolly Parton and Carol Burnett in a Comedic and Musical Performance in 1977


It is interesting to note that a lot of the most popular clips from 1970s entertainment are still getting played today. The new generation is eager to relive the moments that formed the formative experiences of previous generations. Dolly Parton is still working today, and many people will be surprised to see her as a much younger woman in 1977 working with 1970s icon Carol Burnett.

The two of them have an amusing exchange where they poke fun at each other and compliment each other in a comedic rhythm. Through her self-deprecating jokes about her musical abilities, Carol Burnett manages to unintentionally write the hook for a catchy song herself. She and Dolly Parton have great comedic chemistry together, which helps make this particular clip the classic that it is today. Many people on Facebook would appreciate this video on many different levels, including the historic nature of the clip and its timeless humor.