Dolphin Kindly Retrieves a Phone From the Bottom of the Ocean Pool


When the cheerleader in this video was on a promotional tour visiting dolphins, she had no idea one of them would save the day for her! This cheerleader had a cameraman hold her phone for her but unfortunately, it fell out of his pocket and sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor. Within minutes, the dolphin’s trainer sprung into action and instructed him to fetch her phone, which he willingly did. When you see him bring the phone to the woman, it will make you smile.

This is the kind of video that simply makes you smile every time you think of it! These sea creatures are so amazingly intelligent and this video certainly proves it. Though her phone may no longer work, she will not have to worry about fetching it from the bottom of the sea! Check out this amazing video and see for yourself what this smart dolphin does. After you watch, Please SHARE on Facebook.