Don’t Buy Expensive Fondant For Your Cakes – Make Your Own


If you love decorating cakes with fondant but hate never being able to purchase enough from the store, you will want to watch this video and learn how truly easy it is to make your own. For this simple recipe, you will need unflavored gelatin, water, butter, and powdered sugar. If you follow Gemma’s instructions entirely, you will have no problem making delicious fondant that can be colored in a variety of colors and used to make the most beautiful cakes you ever imagined.

Once you watch this technique, you will know the easy method of making fondant any time you like. Gemma even says you can use this fondant recipe to create your own sprinkles for cookies, cakes, and desserts. Once you have created your fondant, it is easy to color it in any color you like. Check out this informative video and make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.