Don’t Miss This Vintage Performance of The Chordettes Singing “Mr. Sandman”


If you love oldies tunes, you are sure to love this 1958 live performance of The Chordettes! The music of today just doesn’t quite evoke the same feelings the good ole’ music did. In this performance of Mr. Sandman, you will be whisked away to a time when things were so much simpler and the world just seemed right. Allow this melodic tune to sing you into dreamland as you think about your true love. Maybe Mr. Sandman will bring him or her to you!

This video is a rare find because there are not many live recordings still around from the fifties. Even though this was a live performance, the ladies in The Chordettes did not miss a beat as they sang their hearts out. This is when musicians had to have true talent because there was no computer intervention to save their poor singing voices. Enjoy this delightful video of yesteryear and Please SHARE on Facebook so all can see!