A Dove Promotional Video that Is Aimed At Honoring Fathers


Dove tries to celebrate many different groups with its videos, making its customers feel good in the process. In this particular short promotional video, Dove is honoring fathers. This is the perfect video to watch and to share around Father’s Day, but many people are interested in honoring and celebrating fatherhood all year long, and Father’s Day is only the pinnacle of celebrating fathers.

The video is largely anecdotal, and it is full of kids gleefully saying ‘Daddy.’ The focus is more on the kids than anything else, but their emotions certainly come through, and their affection for their fathers is apparent. The video is also full of moments featuring fathers bonding with their children. Plenty of dads would appreciate this video, as would all people who have strong relationships with their own fathers. Many people on Facebook would love this video, and some of them would even send it to their own fathers.