Dr. Phil Guest Stars on This Hilarious Steve Harvey Segment That Is Meant to Makeover Steve


Steve often has his beautiful wife, Marjorie on his show so it is no surprise when she joins him for a segment that is meant to help wives who have husbands that need some type of makeover in their personality. When Steve finds out Marjorie is there to discuss his issues, he is blown away. When Dr. Phil enters the stage, Steve runs for cover! This hilarious video will have you in stitches as you hear why Marjorie has a problem with her famous man.

As you watch this funny video, you will love the back and forth banter between Dr. Phil and Steve. It is hilarious to see Steve on the hot seat for once. It seems Steve is a bit of a pig when it comes to cleaning up behind himself. Dr. Phil attempts to help Marjorie by giving her a strategy she can use on her husband. After you have watched, Please SHARE on Facebook!

Steve Harvey