Dramatic Osprey Battle Is Caught On Camera and The Results are Amazing to See!

This video shows the slow motion capture of a female osprey as she flies up to her nest. When she reaches her nest, she sees another female in the distance and she is ready to attack! When you see the battle between these two female birds, you will be amazed at the moves they make. It is especially awesome to see it all in slow motion, so you do not miss out on a single movement.

It is clear to see this female osprey is not going to let another female attack her without fighting back! At one point, she flies upside down so she does not get hit by the other bird. In Matrix style, this bird is able to dodge every attack the other bird throws at her! This bird is intent on protecting her nest just like any mother would. If you think this video is awesome, Please SHARE on Facebook for all to enjoy.

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