The Dramatic and Successful Rescue of a Maltese Street Dog


Many people will find rescued dogs at the animal shelter. Seeing rescued dogs in that act of being rescued in the first place is very different. In this video, people will see a Maltese dog that has been living on the streets get dramatically rescued, and they will then see her get rehabilitated.

She reacts with aggression at first, which is not surprising for a dog that has had to fend for herself on the streets. However, she fairly quickly starts accepting affection from her human rescuer. She then gets cleaned up, where people see that her gray coat was actually just dirty as opposed to truly gray. Soon, she’s a happy and energetic dog again, relieved to be in human hands.

The video has a very heartwarming narrative to it, and the emotional background music only makes it more powerful. The video urges people to adopt dogs like her. People on Facebook will watch this video and feel compelled to SHARE it.

Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel