Duffy The Dog Gets His Sight Back


It is sad when our beloved pets have health problem. Duffy is an Irish Terrier that was rescued. This poor dog had a lot of health problems over the years and even had diabetes. Due to this condition this little guy has lost his eyesight.

His people tried to do something to help. Duffy has been given a number of medications to help stabilize his condition and keep his diabetes in check. Duffy qualified for eye surgery to allow him to get his eyesight back and be able to function again. Duffy was able to see once again and this video shows Duffy as soon as he gets his eyesight back.

Duffy walks about of the recovery room at the vet with his tail wagging. He is so happy to be able to see again. He goes around to all his people but he does not know who he wants to love first. Please SHARE his video in Facebook.

Benjamin May