Dying Father Dances With His Two Young Daughters For The Last Time


Before you watch this touching video, make sure you have a couple of tissues ready, just in case the tears start to flow! Charlie Kwentus is a father of two beautiful little girls. He was diagnosed a few years ago, with a brain tumor that was inoperable. After years of treatment that left him sick and weak, Charlie decided to stop them altogether and enjoy the time he has left with his family.

In this video, Charlie is about to celebrate a special father/daughter dance with his two girls, perhaps for the one and only time. He will likely not be here when they go to prom, graduate, or get married so he wanted to have this special time before his life ends. This special time will forever be ingrained in the hearts of his daughters and will be something they will treasure for always. After you have enjoyed this sweet video, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook.