A Dying Premature Baby Beats All Odds


When babies are born prematurely, there are different matters that can arise; take this video, which has been viewed by more than thirteen million people, as an example of what can occur.
In this video, which was uploaded by the well-known company Johnson & Johnson, you’ll hear Kate Ogg talking about how for three years she struggled to get pregnant. When she did, she was happy to know that she would be having twins.
They were not born on the expected date. The twins came to this world way before it. Mrs. Ogg expresses in the video how scary that feeling was. When she gave birth, she was told that one of them was not going to make it. She placed the baby on her chest while her husband, David, hugged her and his son.
To their surprise, the baby began to move and then he opened his eyes. The skin on skin contact had somehow revived him. Take a look at this very interesting video for yourself. Don’t forget to rate it, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.