A Dynamic and Symbolic Performance of the Classic John Lennon Song Imagine In 2012 London


The John Lennon song Imagine has had incredible staying power on a cultural level, given that it is still performed professionally in grand stage tributes decades later. This is a particularly grand stage tribute that has many layers. It starts out with an angelic children’s choir singing the first verse of the song. Then, footage of John Lennon originally singing the song appears in the video, and it almost looks like the kids are singing a duet with John Lennon himself.

The children’s choir starts signing many of the lyrics, which is going to make the video that much more inclusive. During the song, people get into a formation that looks like John Lennon’s face in aerial view. The video is a true tribute to John Lennon himself and to his classic song. People should please SHARE┬áthis video on Facebook, since it will have a broad appeal for many people watching.