Easily Teach Your Child to Stop Interrupting You When Having a Conversation


As a parent, it can be exasperating trying to teach children their manners and make sure they follow them. In this video, you will learn how to take care of this annoying issue while helping your child to gain crucial self-esteem. The technique is so easy, your child is sure to have it mastered after a little practice. With this teaching method, you can carry on a conversation while acknowledging your child’s need to speak with you.

This video shows such an easy way to tame your child’s poor manners, you will wonder why you have never thought of it! Mom Coach Kirsten acts out this easy teaching method with her children and another adult so you can easily see how to implement it with your own child. It may be helpful for the two of you to watch it together and then practice until your child feels comfortable using the method when you are busy talking with someone. After watching, Please SHARE on Facebook for other parents!

mom coach kirsten

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