Easy Tutorial On Making A Flower Out Of A Marshmallow


Using flowers made out of marshmallows is a budget friendly way to decorate any cake, cookie, or cupcake. Simple, beautiful, and impressive, a marshmallow flower is a very versatile, edible decoration. Two regular size marshmallows are needed to make one flower. Take the first marshmallow and gently cut 4 slits 3/4 of the way through the marshmallow.

Dip your fingers into cornstarch (this prevents sticking to the marshmallow) and lightly fan the 4 sections out and into a circular shape. It will resemble a flower when you are done fanning the marshmallow out. Next, cut the bottom off of your second marshmallow. Take the cut off bottom, dip your fingers into corn starch again, flatten the bottom, and then roll it into a cone shape.

Press the cone shape into the center of your fanned out marshmallow flower shape. You now have a complete marshmallow flower. Spray the marshmallow flower with a color mist to give your edible flower a beautiful hue. Friends and family will be impressed and amazed by the beautiful flowers you are able to create out of marshmallows.
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