Easy Winter Hacks That Save You Both Time and Money!


When winter comes we all have to make adjustments, but the cool winter hacks in this video will not only help you save money, but give you some cheap, practical applications for staying warm as well. For instance, how many times have you gone out in the winter, only to come back with your shoes a little wetter than they should be? Whether from snow, sleet or rain, you can dry them out faster using newspaper, and this video shows you how.

Other winter hacks include how to stop a cold draft from coming under the door, and how fix up your drafty, uninsulated windows. Both of these energy-saving fixes are accomplished by simply using some pipe insulation from the local hardware store, and bubble wrap which you may already have around your home – and together, both cost just a few dollars.

Even avid bicycling fans needed forego their passion in winter, because there’s an awesome, cheap hack for that, too. Simply take some plastic zip ties and attach them to each tire at equally spaced intervals, then trip off the excess with a pair of scissors. The zip ties will help provide much-needed traction when running into a little ice or light snow, and it can be done for less than a couple dollars, too.

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The Savings Experiment