An Elderly Woman Recites a Beautiful Poem About Self-Acceptance and Aging


Many older people do not get enough of a voice on the Internet or elsewhere. The elderly woman in this video has managed to make her own voice heard with this beautiful poem that she has written. The poem starts out with the implied narrator reflecting on her aged appearance, and then trying to come to terms with it by acknowledging what an incredible person she is and what an incredible life she has led.

The poem has a very important message for people of all ages, since everyone lives in a society that celebrates youth at the expense of experience and wisdom.

The poem uses very rich metaphors and imagery, and it has a solid rhyming scheme, giving it an appealingly old-fashioned and skillful feel. People all over Facebook should please SHARE this video, since it is very heartwarming, and the elderly narrator is a very good poet and narrator.

Kate Wilson

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