Elephant Chases Bicyclist – At the End of the Video You See Why!


This video is one that is quite thrilling to watch. If you have never seen an elephant in action, you may not be aware of how fast these huge creatures can be. Their sheer size alone can make them a formidable opponent! This video shows a giant elephant chasing after a bicyclist. It appears at first that she has simply targeted the bicyclist for no reason but as you watch to the end of the video, you will see why she was in full protect mode.

As the video progresses, the elephant soon turns around and stops her pursuit, satisfied she is no longer in danger. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a small herd of elephants runs out from the brush behind the elephant. In that herd are a couple of young elephants. Once you see the full video, you will better understand why this elephant acted in the manner she did. If you like this video, Please SHARE on Facebook.