An Elephant Demonstrates Her Protective Instinct for Her Human Caretaker


Elephants are not always given the credit that they deserve when it comes to their protective instinct and their compassion. Elephants are strongly social creatures, and they can care deeply about the humans who look after them as well. The elephant in this video demonstrates this very strongly in her interaction with her human caretaker.

Her human caretaker is apparently knocked down onto the ground by someone else. The elephant immediately rushes to help him. She is able to literally provide support for the caretaker in this instance. Her extreme size relative to her caretaker is very dramatic, and yet it is clear that she doesn’t represent any sort of threat to him.

She is able to communicate a great deal of emotion without speaking and without showing body language that is very recognizable to humans. People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it strongly demonstrates the compassion of animals.