Elephant Receives a Prosthetic Leg and Begins a New and Happy Life

In this video, you get to meet Mosha, a beautiful elephant that lost her leg in a landmine injury when she was only two years old. Although she continued to strive to be able to walk, it was often difficult for her so she could not live a normal life. Thankfully, an orthopedic surgeon was able to step in and begin to build a special leg prosthetic so she could walk again normally and enjoy her life.

This video will bring a huge smile to your face when you see how the elephant responds to walking normally again. She walks so well, the surgeon was even surprised with the results. This amazing elephant has more determination than you can imagine! Now, she is no longer limited in her movements and can go where she wants to go. What a wonderful moment for everyone to witness. Check out this awesome video and Please SHARE on Facebook.

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