Eleven-Year-Old Beautifully Belts Out “The Star Spangled Banner”


If you have not yet heard the name, Lexi Walker, make sure you get familiar with it! This young lady is one that is going to be a star one day. In this video, she was only eleven-years-old and stood at the Stadium of Fire, performing a beautiful tribute to the great country that is The United States of America. As she flawlessly sings, “The Star Spangled Banner”, you will get chill bumps with each high note she perfectly hits! What a proud moment for this little girl to be able to be a part of!

Lexi is truly a talented young lady and as her voice matures, she can only get better! Each time she performs, her voice is so flawless, it is truly amazing to watch. When you hear this song, you will go wild just like the crowd did that beautiful night. If you think Lexi Walker deserves to be a star, Please SHARE on Facebook.