Ellen Builds a Deserving Family a New Home Worth $350,000


This family was on the Ellen show a few years back and was given a brand new car. When she first met the mother of the family, she instantly fell in love with her positive spirit and knew she wanted to have them back on the show. For Ellen’s birthday, she decided she wanted to help others by giving them gifts. In this video, she reveals why they were called back on the show and what gift they will receive. When Ellen reveals the surprise, the entire family is so shocked, they nearly fall out of their seats.

This is the kind of video surprise that just truly warms your heart and makes you wanna smile all day long! This deserving family recently experienced a setback when the dad was laid off work. Though their home needed many repairs, they were not able to afford them because their basic needs came first. When Ellen announces they are getting a new home built for up to $350,000, the family is truly shocked. Please SHARE on Facebook so everyone can enjoy this moment.