Ellen And First Lady Michelle Obama Cause Trouble At CVS


This video is hilarious to watch and quite unexpected! Here, you will see a recording of Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama shopping at CVS. Ellen is uncontrollable in the store and embarrasses Michelle on several occasions. This video will have you laughing out loud as you see Ellen’s antics and Michelle’s frustration. These two are quite a pair as they go through the store! It is amazing seeing the first lady out and about with the public!

As you see them shopping, you will see Ellen causing all types of chaos as she goes through the store with Michelle. She even distributes wine to people in the CVS and attempts to autograph a baby’s head! Can you imagine shopping at your local CVS and seeing these two pop in the store and start shopping? It would be an incredibly fun experience to be a part of! After you enjoy this funny video, Please SHARE on Facebook.