Ellen Helps Staff Member Propose to His Girlfriend on Live Television


Ellen’s field producer decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, who just happens to be Ellen’s wardrobe assistant. This video shares the amazing moment when Ellen helped make it all happen. When Ellen is supposed to be talking with Aaron through a live feed, technical difficulties cause an interruption, or so it seemed. In reality, this was simply a setup for Aaron to surprise his beautiful girlfriend, Jen. When Jen is called out to help Ellen, she has no idea what is about to happen!

It seems Jen has been fooled and Aaron is really in the studio. When he comes out and surprises Jen by getting down on one knee, the audience goes crazy! This special moment is so amazing, you will be deeply touched. You will have to watch the video to see Jen’s answer. After watching, make sure to Please SHARE on Facebook so others can enjoy this touching video.