Ellen Interviews the Amazing Tia Torres From Pit Bulls and Parolees


Tia Torres is the star of one of the most popular shows on Animal Planet, called Pit Bulls and Parolees. Tia rescues Pit Bulls from the Villalobos Rescue Center and works to rehabilitate them. Although it is a lot of work, she does it out of love for the breed and is tired of people misunderstanding how truly wonderful these dogs are. If you have never seen the show, make sure you watch this video so you can better understand all of the hard work that goes into making this show a reality.

On her show, she pairs up Pit Bulls and convicts that have just gotten out of jail and need something that will help them become more responsible. As Tia says in the video, dogs love unconditionally and do not care about a person’s past or the number of tattoos they have. To raise awareness about this wonderful group and their work, Please SHARE on Facebook.