Ellen’s Boyfriend Tayt Is Back to Prepare For His Magical Date With Ellen


Tayt is a ten-year-old boy who was born with a half a heart. The doctors told his mom he would not live past three months old. Today, he is continuing to wow everyone with his fighting spirit. After receiving his new heart in 2015, Ellen wanted to make sure he remembered they had a date night planned. In this video, Tayt has visited the show to tell Ellen and her audience about the magical time he had at Pixar. This little boy has such a big heart, it will blow you away!

This video will touch your heart deeply as you see what a truly sweet spirit this little boy has. His motto is ‘keep swimming’, which is a phrase that has gotten he and his mom through the rough spots in his ten years of life. Make sure you do not miss out on the end of the video when Ellen reveals a surprise and gives Tayt his bow tie to wear on their date. Please SHARE on Facebook for all to encourage Tayt!