An Emotional Video Of A Dad Who Started A Car Wash To Give His Son The Life The Deserves

A dad started a car wash to give his son suffering from autism a purpose in life. In this video the elder brother who is the CEO of Rising Tide Car wash explains how they go about day to day routine at the work place. At some point a worker tells him that they washed 350 cars in a day and they are so happy about it.

The dad also explains what motivated him to come up with the car wash for his sons, more so Andrew, who has autism. It gets emotional for him as he explains how he didn’t want his son sitting around, while his mother took care of him. Driven by the desire to see his son become an independent member of the society, he started a car wash. The car wash has employed other people with the condition to motivate others and show them that they can become autonomous people despite their shortcomings.

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