Encouraging People to Join the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

Law enforcement offices will often stage excellent recruitment videos that manage to be very persuasive in only a few minutes. This recruitment video is very brief, but it uses a number of cinematic conventions very effectively, which will probably manage to persuade people more effectively than almost anything that relies on unemotional factual content.

The video asks the members of the implied audience whether or not they have the capabilities and personal qualities that are necessary in order to work at the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, and by extension, in law enforcement in general. These qualities appear on the screen in the form of captions. The video is also full of footage of police officers at work, as well as police officers in an academy setting. Some people on Facebook might find this video entertaining in its own right, while other people might be interested in law enforcement in general, thus finding it entertaining on that level.


Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office

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